If you have any special requirements regarding shipping methods, please add a note when placing an order.Please note that if for any reason the delivered order is not accepted, or if the customer refuses to clear the customs fees before receiving the order, the customs officer may destroy the item or ship it back to us, in this case, all possibleThe expenses incurred (including freight and taxes) are the sole responsibility of the customer to handle all the expenses incurred.

Why the delivery is taking so long?

There are various factors that may cause the delivery to be delayed, most probable reasons involving weather, transfers, custom clearance or any other reason varying from country-to-country. For estimated delivery durations, please see our Shipping Guide to get a better idea regarding it.

Below mentioned are some of the actions that a customer can incorporate for resolving the issue at the earliest.
• Track your order by checking the real-time tracking result on courier website regularly.
• Contact our customer support for any assistance required pertaining to your order.
• While tracking your order if the status is not updated for a long period, please contact the logistics (courier) support for more information.
• Kindly check that the shipping information provided including your name, address, contact information & other relevant details are correct.


While selecting Airmail, please select registered Airmail instead of unregistered Airmail as it does not provides a tracking number for the items shipped and any estimation of the arrival would not be reliable.

For more information regarding shipping, custom support or declaration information, please submit a ticket